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With changes in the healthcare landscape we offer an easy, flexible and convenient way to supplement your income.

Just as you underwent medical training to become an effective clinician, we provide ongoing education, templates and access to online infrastructure (records, billing and scheduling), allowing you to become an effective medical legal consultant and one of our expert advisers.


Ongoing Resources & Education

We train you to become an effective medical legal consultant, and keep you informed so you can continue to grow your skills. Our online portal will provide you all the tools and training needed to build a successful expert witness practice.

Just as residency training is needed to be an effective clinician, learning the “ins and outs” of the medical-legal field helps to avoid pitfalls and excel.


Simple On-Boarding Process

After you fill out a quick online form our case managers will contact you to better understand your areas of interest and specialty and guide you through the on boarding process. We then match you with appropriate cases and partner with you to minimize the hassle (records review, scheduling and billing).


Transparency with Minimal Hassle

We streamline your case review and administrative tasks so you can focus on providing the best consultation to clients. Our process and fees are transparent and intended to bring the most value to you. We understand the demands of being a busy clinician and will make the process streamlined and easy for you to make extra income on your time.

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